Once your baby has safely eaten other solid or pureed foods, feeding infant-safe peanut-containing foods is a good idea. But peanut should NOT be your baby’s first solid food. 

Start by picking a time when your baby is healthy and can have your full attention for at least 2 hours. This will let you watch for an allergic reaction.  

Prepare an infant-safe peanut food and offer your baby a small amount on the end of a baby spoon. Creamy peanut butter mixed with breast milk, formula, or water is a good place to start.  

After your baby has tried the peanut food, wait 10 minutes and watch for an allergic reaction. If your baby doesn’t have any symptoms of an allergic reaction after 10 minutes, offer your baby the rest of the peanut-containing food. In rare cases reactions can happen up to 2 hours after eating peanuts, so keep an eye on your baby. That’s it!