For Clinicians

Resources and Tools to Easily Add Early Allergen Introduction Into Your Practice

For Clinicians

Resources and Tools to Easily Add Early Allergen Introduction into Your Practice

Prevention Guidelines & Supporting Research

Learn about the latest food allergy prevention guidelines and the research on which the guidelines are based. As new findings become available they will be added here, so check back regularly for summaries of the latest research on food allergy prevention.

Practical Guidance & Tools For Your Clinic

Use this guidance, along with downloadable office aids and guides, to help you and your colleagues easily incorporate early allergen introduction into your practice.

Assess Eczema Severity With Confidence

Being able to accurately assess eczema severity is a critical part of effective early peanut introduction. Use these tools to help you evaluate eczema severity with confidence.

Use These Plain-Language Handouts to Help You Educate Parents

Download handouts that you can easily print in your office. Each parent will have different concerns. Many will want simple instructions to help them do early introduction of peanut-containing foods at home. Others may be concerned about identifying a food allergy reaction in an infant.

Learn More About Food Allergy Prevention & Early Allergen Introduction

Consider taking one of these in-depth continuing education courses to learn even more about early allergen introduction and best practices.

Food Allergy Prevention FAQs for Clinicians

Here are answers to some of the common questions clinicians ask us we about food allergy prevention.